Our vision

WRAP's vision is a world in which resources are used sustainably.

WRAP works with governments, businesses and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency.

Our mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, resource-efficient economy by:

  • re-inventing how we design, produce and sell products, 
  • re-thinking how we use and consume products, and 
  • re-defining what is possible through re-use and recycling 

Why work with us?

  • WRAP are world leaders in helping organisations achieve greater resource efficiency.
  • We have a record of success. Between 2010 and 2015 in England alone, WRAP initiatives reduced greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50 million tonnes (Mt), which is equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of Portugal.
  • We provide information, tools and practical advice that help governments, businesses and consumers to act.
  • We provide a safe, non-competitive space where businesses can share best practice and collaborate to deliver change.
  • WRAP has achieved ISO9001:2015 certification for our design, development, management and delivery of programmes and projects which provide resource sustainable solutions.

Our values

WRAP aspires to excellence in everything it does. We focus on being authoritative and knowledgeable, and pride ourselves on being independent.         

Our people are authoritative, independent and knowledgeable. As our most important asset, we empower them to achieve through innovation and continuous development.

We challenge ourselves and others to go further. We turn ideas into actions and inspire people with the power to deliver real change.

We are stronger when work together to bring about change. Relationships drive our success, inspire action, overcome barriers and deliver results.

We work together to generate value and make the world a better place. We identify opportunities that deliver the best return on investment, while helping to build a better future for all.