The UK Plastics Pact Summit 2018

On Thursday 11 October 2018 the inaugural UK Plastics Pact Summit took place in London, highlighting the progress made in the six months since the programme’s launch in April. More than 100 delegates from across the supply chain attended and heard from an array of speakers

There were several special announcements made on the day including the launch of a new £1.4 million flagship projects competition, which is managed by WRAP working in partnership with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). 

Learn more about the UK Circular Plastics Flagship Projects Competition.

The Summit was also a chance for delegates to focus on future work under The UK Plastics Pact, with a draft of the forthcoming UK Plastics Pact Roadmap shared ahead of publication. This sets out the key actions and intermediate milestones that businesses, and other members, will need to achieve to deliver each target by 2025, as well as highlighting the challenges ahead. The Roadmap is due to be published later this year, and will also inform action by Governments, funders, investors, NGOs and businesses who are not members of The UK Plastics Pact. 

 A summary of the progress delivered in the first six months can be found here.


Reports and guidance

WRAP also introduced new research and guidance which address key issues around plastic packaging, and the collecting and processing of post-consumer plastics.

Design tips for making rigid plastic packaging more recyclable

Produced in association with RECOUP this guide will help to ensure that packaging design choices minimise environmental impacts, limit the resources needed to produce packaging and ensure that packaging is recyclable. 

National Recycling Guidelines updated

WRAP’s definitive national guidance on what can and cannot be collected for recycling from UK householders has been expanded to include a new section dedicated to the collection of plastic films.

Composition of plastic waste collected via kerbside

This report provides an up-to-date estimate on the volume and type of post-consumer plastic packaging collected for recycling. The report underpins The UK Plastics Pact work to drive forward changes in polymer choice, plastic collections and sorting, and reprocessing.

PlasticFlow 2025 - Plastic Packaging Flow Data Report

The report details the current levels of UK plastic packaging placed on the market (POM) and recycled, and the potential future levels up to 2025. It also assesses the probability of compliance with national and European recycling targets and demonstrates confidence in meeting these.

Minimum thickness of plastic bottles to be recycled

This research assessed the impact of light-weighting plastic bottles on the sorting and recycling stages.