Opportunities to Maximise Waste Electrical Treatment and Recovery in the UK

29th August 2012

This report is a summary of key findings from a range of recent research into waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) disposal and processing in the UK.

Key findings
It is estimated that some 37% of all used equipment (590,000 tonnes) still goes to landfill
Around 75% of WEEE arising in 2010 was either re-used or treated to recover useful materials


A huge number of electronic products are purchased each year and need recycling at end of life. How this recovery occurs and the quality will depend on the treatment techniques used.

WRAP has carried out a range of research to look at the potential to maximise the recovery of material from WEEE and is looking at opportunities to advance the sector in the recovery of critical raw materials.

This discussion paper takes you through the research carried out and the potential opportunities available to the sector to build upon.

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To find further opportunities for your re-use, repair or recovery organisation, why not take a look at WRAP’s Waste Prevention Loan Fund to see how you could receive grants or loans to support your organisation’s WEEE projects?

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